New Speed cameras now in use in Spain

new speed cameras

Spanish main roads and Motorway’s are to be the main focus for the continued crack down on the dreaded speeding motorist, as more sophisticated and better positioned detection cameras are being installed in selected locations across Spain. Spectrum got a glimpse of one such devise – built very cleverly into a crash barrier and virtually unnoticeable to the motorist.  The device was spotted by an eagle eyed local and reported to us, after a land owner was curious when only a small part of hedging was trimmed at a section of road by the company who fitted the section of replacement barrier with that of the new hidden camera. The unit is understood to have two versions and one can even be solar driven with a back up power supply for use at night, and is also understood to be able to send the information gathered via a gsm network to a main server. This in fact means that the unit could be fitted anywhere with no restrictions on use. It has not been disclosed as to how much each unit actually costs, but due to the design it is believed that the unit is much less than the older speed camera versions and can run unaided, possibly for as many as 12 months at a time without maintenance.


Although death toll on our roads in Spain have in fact dropped this year compared to others, the authorities insist the new cameras are being fitted to help reduce the figures even further. As the new design of camera is that of a hidden one, i for one cannot see how it is a visual image to stop speeders – as this was the original concept for speed camera introduction in Europe. It seems clear that this will create much needed revenue, but whether it actually helps reduce road deaths from speeding remains to be seen.



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